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The Human Right to Water

So instead of passing a bill that would pay for the fixes, the legislature passes a highfalutin bill that sounds good but does nothing.

Oct 04, 2012

The 'Human Right to Water' bill has been signed by Governor Jerry Brown. It sounds noble. Who would deprive anyone of water? Not us. Not you. But, instead of fixing the problem, the state legislature passed a UN-sounding bill that does nothing to fix the problem. They simply wave their magic wand and proclaim a 'human right to water' as if it will fix the problem.

Why do some Californians have bad water? They are poor people living in poor areas with some kind of water contamination that makes it unfit to drink. Why don't they fix the problem? The water districts or cities don't have the money and can't raise the rates because the people can't afford to pay more. So instead of passing a bill that would pay for the fixes, the legislature passes a highfalutin bill that sounds good but does nothing.

Actually, we wish it would do nothing instead of what it will probably do. Now that people have a 'human right to water' we can expect the lawyers to swoop in and sue the water agencies. So now the water agencies that don't have money to fix the problem will have to spend more money they don't have on lawsuits. When the lawyers can't squeeze blood from the turnip they will sue on up the line to the county or state.

So the state, instead of just fixing the problem, will have to defend itself against all variety of lawsuits and in the end probably have to fix the water problem anyway. With the high unemployment problem in the state at least more lawyers will get work.

Another thing. If there's a 'human right to water' what if someone doesn't pay their bill? Do they still have a 'human right to water'?

And, farmers are human, aren't they? What about farmer's 'human right to water'? Last we heard, farmers were in line behind the delta smelt's right to water and the salmon's right to water, and therefore also your affordable food supply.

We're all for human's right to water, but we think the attorneys in the legislature got themselves into something here that will get messy. But, it sounds great, doesn't it?



California Now Has Water as a Human Right. Oh, Really?


The headlines read: law passed in California to make water a human right. AB685 does indeed have that language but California is far from that as a reality. The question really is whether this is a real breakthrough or whether it presents the potential of a creating a new maze of litigation in the future. From looking at the language of the bill, it would be a profound mistake to consider this a victory for poor people or an acknowledgement of their basic survival needs. It needs to be said that there are so many questions raised by such a law that are not addressed in the law that it will assuredly result in profound impacts on farmers and farm workers throughout the state of California. See" id="yiv1494743027yui_3_2_0_1_134927768496517781" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://canadians.org/blog/?p=6058">See http://canadians.org/blog/?p=6058</a>


From Alex Breitler’s blog:


“Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation declaring that every human has the right to safe, clean, affordable and accessible water, over the objections of Stockton East Water District and other water providers. … “

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