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Just Had To Get This Off My Chest!

How much rain must the clouds dump on us before we get all the water we need?

Mar 24, 2011


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MARCH 24, 2011

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Just Had To Get This Off My Chest!

It's as if God is daring bureaucrats to try to keep water allocations below 100%.  How can anyone with a straight face come out with an announcement in the middle of all this rain that federal water allocations are going up from 50% to 55%?  The Gods must be laughing!  How much rain must the clouds dump on us before we get all the water we need?  As we sit in one of the wettest California rain years ever, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced Tuesday that farmers would get 55% of their allocation of water from the Central Valley Project.  Last week the Department of Water Resources announced State Water Project allocations of 70%, up 10% from January.  Pretty soon they'll have to come take water back to keep it below 100%.  

Here are a series of articles with titles that say it all:  Could This Be California's Wettest Year?, Flood Releases and Shortages - In The Same Year?, Maybe Farmers Will Get 100% of Water Now, Water Supply - or Management - Crisis?, Despite the Wet Weather, California's Regulatory Drought Continues, Late Rains Put California Water Managers on the Spot, California Is In a Drought - No Kidding, you get the drift. 

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