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Trump's Drought

Here's the problem: Donald Trump was right.

Jun 04, 2016

"There is no drought." - Donald Trump speaking to crowd in Fresno

Donald Trump's statement about the drought has caused quite a stir, to say the least.  The Fresno Bee writes "Note to Donald Trump:  Why the California Drought is Real"; the Visalia Times-Delta joins in with "Trumps Water Bomb Hits Snag with Ag."

Here's the problem:  Donald Trump was right.  He didn't say there wasn't a drought.  He said there 'isn't' a drought.  There's a difference.  California did suffer through a drought, but this past year brought us sufficient rain.  

Families Protecting the Valley has placed signs all over the Central Valley telling drivers along major highways that it's a man-made drought, a congressionally created drought.  The Central Valley is dry because of human decisions about how and where we use water.  

Here's a headline from just two days ago:  "California Reservoirs Full Again."   The California Department of Water Resources says the state’s biggest reservoirs are at a collective total of about 87 percent of average.  Some have been so full they've had to release water for flood control.  The NCWA (Northern California Water Association) reports "Lake Shasta is now at 107% of historical average, Lake Oroville is 112% and Folsom Like is at 104%."

Since mid-December California water policy has allowed over 8.7-million acre feet of water to flow through the Delta and San Francisco Bay to the ocean.  

So, the reservoirs are full and we're letting millions of acre feet go out to sea without trying to capture it although there is current infrastructure to do so.  But, we don't.  So, was Trump right?  We believe he was.  If our capacity is so full we're letting excess water go, what else can we conclude?  

The article below "The 9 Counties Running Out of Water" makes it look like the drought persists.  But, they are running out of water because of choices we make.  It's not because there's a lack of rain, snow or water.  It's a lack of common sense.  So, yes, Trump's right.  "There is no drought."


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