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More Water = More Fish?

"First and foremost, you can't fool fish. But you can fool people."

Aug 23, 2016

Does more water equal more fish?  Not always. According to the article below from the Modesto Bee,  Doug Demko, co-owner of FishBio says he's of the opinion that a lot of the government people...just don't care" if you can prove the theory.  It comes down to wanting more water." 

On the Stanislaus River they sent billions of gallons to help rainbow trout swim to the ocean to become steelhead.  It didn't help and now the entire trout population is lower.  There are a lot of reasons for this and you can read the details in the article, but the most important part of the story might be this question and answer:  what should this tell scientists?  "First and foremost, you can't fool fish.  But you can fool people."  

All of the water that has been used to help fish has mostly been wasted.  We know this from the lack of results.  Like it says, you can fool the people into doing more of the same, but there are fewer and fewer fish left to fool.

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