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Welcome to Our World

"For the sake of 1,000 more fish we can recreate the days of the Dust Bowl."

Nov 16, 2016

In the Central San Joaquin Valley we have been fighting the Delta Smelt, the salmon, the Endangered Species Act, the EPA, water bureaucrats, the pumps and low allocations for years.  While all this was going other parts of the state watched with amusement.  They should have watched with fear.  Now, they're starting to see what it's like.  The same bureaucrats who came after Central Valley water are now going after the Merced, Stanislaus, Toulumne and Sacramento Rivers.

When the bureaucrats cut off the pumps that limited water to the west side of the San Joaquin Valley, and then used the San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement to take water from farmers on the east side in a misguided effort to bring back salmon to the river, it forced farmers to pump from the underground.  Then the bureaucrats said they had to limit pumping from the underground.  They won't deliver surface water, they want to curtail our ability to pump from the underground, and somehow we're supposed to survive.  

Now the same thing is happening in the North Valley.  The article below calls it 'Mad Hatter' state water policy.  They're learning what it's like to try to farm without surface water or groundwater.  As the writer says, "the doublespeak on groundwater is what ultimately could lead to irreversible economic and environmental damage just to increase last year’s salmon population on the Stanislaus River by less than 3 percent...a yield of only 1,000 more salmon at an annual cost of $260 million...For the sake of 1,000 more fish we can recreate the days of the Dust Bowl."  Frustrating, isn't it?

Welcome to our world.

Mad Hatter crafting state water policy?

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