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Too Much Water Kills

This study provides a scientific approach to determine biologically relevant flow preions

Jan 20, 2017

A new study says salmon can get too much water.  This is news the California water bureaucrats need to know.  Too much water can kill the salmon they're trying to protect.  Scientists studying the issue say there is an optimum amount of water for salmon to spawn and it's "around 700 cubic feet per second, says the study. That’s roughly 5,100 gallons per second; a lot of water. But it’s far, far less than what the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which operates New Melones Dam, usually releases."

The editorial below concludes that the State Water Board should "reconsider their positions and base their demands on the facts they find on our rivers – not disputable dogma."

Study: Salmon don’t want too much water

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