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A Modest Proposal

We have the highest taxes in the nation, the highest unemployment rate in the nation, the highest number of homeless people.

Mar 29, 2017

A modest proposal from a friend of Families Protecting the Valley:

A Modest Proposal

Bill Hammonds

California as it exists today isn’t California any longer. Our schools suck, our once great public universities have become dominated by a left wing political ideology that celebrates and fosters the end of free speech and the end of critical thinking. We have the highest taxes in the nation, the highest unemployment rate in the nation, the highest number of homeless people, the most crazies running around in the streets, the most burdensome (and the most) regulations in the nation, a legislature that has really lost track of what anything costs, raises taxes and then spends the money on higher compensation for themselves, their staffs current and past public employees and not on Capital Expenses, so our infrastructure is crumbling, roads, bridges, highways, dams and canals, our state Chief Justice calls the exercise of the right of free speech to criticize the media for crappy reporting an attack on free speech, and blah blah blah. I truly feel that I have stepped through the looking glass into an Orwellian world of thought crime and double think.

From my personal standpoint, the greatest irony of all is that California raises 30% of the nation’s food, most of its nuts, fruits and vegetables, and the message that farmers continually get from the legislature and the press is that “making the deserts bloom” is a crime against nature, and we should be stopped at their earliest convenience.

So, why don’t I just leave? The answer is because I can’t. I farm here, we have for four generations. In spite of the false messaging from a small group of lawyers and their sycophantic “experts”, this is the most productive agricultural region in the world. We can’t grow these crops anywhere else.

There are a number of silly answers, but California isn’t going to secede, be divided into two states or be split into six states, all as proposed by one wack job or another. Secession is not going to happen for dozens of reasons, not the least of which is that there is no legal path to secession in the Constitution, and amendment of the Constitution to allow it is, to say the least, unlikely. Admission of a new state or 5 new states, is impossibly difficult from a Constitutional standpoint. Don’t take my word for it, check with your local Constitutional Law expert, and make your own determination about the likelihood of getting a 2/3 vote in the State, in the State legislature, in the Congress, Senate and then a 2/3 vote of the remaining 49 states. All these proposals are distractions, scam’s or publicity stunts.

I do have a solution though, and here is my modest proposal: let Nevada annex the San Joaquin, Sacramento and Salinas Valleys, and everything in them (you’d have to move the capitol back to San Jose, that would be fine). The best part is that this would require only the approval of both state legislatures and Congress. It would not require a Constitutional amendment or approval of the other 48 states or their populace or legislatures. It would simply be a boundary adjustment, which has been done many times since the founding of the US, and compared to secession, or the addition of 1 to 5 states, very simple to accomplish. Even better, the US Supreme Court has the authority to adjudicate any disputes between states. It could be done in a year.

I don’t recognize the California that I live in any more. The days of the Wild West and the Golden West are gone. Cowboying, which I did as a young man, is probably animal abuse, and some species of rat are apparently more important that raising food. There are no wide open spaces, there is no freedom, only more regulation, the thought police and higher taxes. So, let Nevada annex the part of California that the Coastal morons don’t want, and I’ll get low taxes, low regulations, the food, water and oil supplies, and you can keep the coast, the homeless, the crazies (especially the ones in our legislature), the sanctuary cities the secessionists, the taxes and the narcissistic belief that you are too cool for the laws of economics the Constitution and gravity to apply to you. And of course, after the “Big One”, I’ll have the coast anyway, and without the baggage.

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