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Storage Wars!

The NRDC unequivocally states in its 5 reasons to support Prop 1 that "#5 Prop 1 is not earmarked for new dams."

Dec 20, 2017

California Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond passed in 2014, over 4 years ago.  $2.7 billion is dedicated to water storage and 11 storage projects have filed their applications for approval, with a total value of $5.7 billion.  Nothing about this process has been as simple as we think it should be and "the method by which eligible projects will be awarded funding is a bit complex as a result of specific language legislators wrote into the proposition."  Its designed to be a complex and lengthy process.  Although the $2.7 billion is dedicated to storage "it is important to note that increasing water supply is not considered a public benefit that is eligible for funding under Prop 1."  You have to wonder what they're thinking when they write this stuff, but we think they know exactly what they're doing.

The article below lists and explains all 11 projects including Temperance Flat.  At the public meeting "13  spoke in favor, 5 not in favor (environmental organizations dispute the numbers, note that the project would drown the San Joaquin River Gorge)."  Temperance Flat's estimated cost is $2.6 billion, and is requesting $1.3 billion of the prop 1 funds. 

When will we know?  "California Water Commission staff continue to review the applications, and working to synthesize information from the multiple parties to formulate the overall public benefit ratio review."  Remember, it's been 4 years and  it was "noted that it’s taking more time than initially anticipated."  After they announce their public benefit ratios they anticipate "it’s likely that all applicants will be appealing our reviews.” 

"After appeals are completed, the Commission will determine the final public benefit ratios, finalize component scores and rank projects with the decision on funding expected late spring or early summer of 2018."

We remind you that we wrote in a September 2014 newsletter (Prop 1 is not earmarked for new dams) that the NRDC unequivocally states in its 5 reasons to support Prop 1 that "# 5. Prop 1 is not earmarked for new dams."  

If they're wrong and anything we do like somehow does get approved we expect environmental organizations like the NRDC will go to their standard playbook of tying things up in court for years. 

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