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How to Get a Dem to Love a Dam!

Just tell them you're using the money to build The Wall.

Jan 17, 2019

Just tell them you're using the money to build The Wall. 

People like Congressman Jared Huffman have never been dam fans.  As an Assemblyman he said "we have to look further than this reflexive, historical impulse that says building dams will solve all our problems.  It's not true. Water recycling, conservation, efficiency... dwarf the amount of water we could get through any (reservoirs) we build."

But when President Donald Trump proposed diverting money to raise Folsom Dam to the Wall on the Southern Border Huffman found good reason to support the dam saying “It’s a declaration of war on Californians if he were to do that.” 

By the way, before he was a Congressman he was one of the NRDC lawyers who sued Friant over the San Joaquin River.

Funds for Water Projects in California Could Be Diverted to Help Pay for Trump’s Proposed Border Wall

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