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Double Standards!

It's a sad day when someone who fight's for the rights of farmers is seen as unfit for public service.

Mar 30, 2019

David Bernhardt is on his way to becoming the next Secretary of the Interior Department.  Democrats don't have the votes to stop it but they're letting it be known that they don't like it.  Why?  Because during the past two years while serving as deputy secretary of the department he "helped advance a slew of controversial proposals on oil and gas drilling on public lands and off the coastschanges to the Endangered Species Act, and a move to free up more water for California agriculture that could further harm endangered fish."

Democrats may not realize it but there are still some of us who believe we need oil and gas, don't think everything in the ESA is gospel, and don't believe freeing up more water for California agriculture is a bad thing.  

Central Valley farmers won't be pleased to find that their newly elected Congressman T.J. Cox has joined the ranks of other California Democrats to "lead the charge" against Bernhardt.  He joins with former NRDC attorney and now congressman Jared Huffman and Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach in "demanding information from the Interior Department on Bernhardt’s activities when he was deputy secretary."

What's Bernhardt's biggest crime?  He was a lobbyist for Westlands Water District.  Environmentalist have been trying to put hundreds of thousands of acres in Westlands out of production by denying them water.  The farmers have the gall to fight for the water so they can make a living by growing food.  Bernhardt, in the environmentalists opinion is evil for fighting for their right to the water.  Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden told Bernhardt at his confirmation hearing, “I think you are so conflicted that if you get confirmed ... you’re going to have to disqualify yourself from so many matters, I don’t know how you’re going to spend your day.”  It's a sad day when someone who fight's for the rights of farmers is seen as unfit for public service. 

On the other hand, if you come out of the government's environmental bureaucracy or organizations like the NRDC you are seen as unconflicted with your decisions.  That would be Jared Blumenfield, just confirmed as the Director of California's EPA without controversy.

A nemesis of California environmentalists gains new powers, but also new foes

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