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Feb 14, 2017

Stupendous Bob 

So sad for you lefties to wake up and find that your government did not protect you as you assumed it would. Let's see whom to blame start with the un-elected State Water Resources Control Board and the other appointed water boards throughout the state. They were stacked with Democratic supporters who would rather spend the money on what? Where exactly did that money go? Let's hear the explanation from all you regressive apologists.


Cant wait until the federal Fish and Wildlife service find some endangered peanut size fish in the Feather River that will force Ca to stop working on the Oroville Dam repairs because of this protected species. Governor Moombat will be right out in front chaining himself to a tree to stop the work.

ChunkyMonkey  17 hours ago

The Merc Blahitorials are always a day late and a few dollars short. Guess 

in 10 years they'll be writing an Editorial titled "State, feds must answer for High Speed Rail Fiasco"...


Good thing CA is wasting its money building that multi-billion dollar high speed rail system to the south so folks up north can escape the floods when their broken un-maintained dams fail. Spending like drunk'n sailors is an insult to sailors. The CA Dems will find a way to blame it on Trrump and his inability to fix the dams in his first month....while ignoring Obama's 8 years inept leadership.....What did CA spend its "shovel ready" money from the 2009 infrastructure bill on?

Mike Smith 

This is hysterical. The Merc's editorial board loves Moonbeam and hates Trump. Yet, in this article, they are scathing in their criticism of Brown and solidly behind Trump's desire to invest in infrastructure.

It all keeps getting better and better... I gotta order more popcorn.

Mike Smith  Xcalifornian 

The dam people need to be fired from their dam jobs over this terrible dam performance. But the state doesn't give a damn.


The state of California designed - and built the dam. The state of California misled the Feds. The dam is the state of California's problem, period. What happened to the money passed for water projects? I seem to recall a bond measure that called for several billion dollars to be spent being passed - and i don't recall any mention *at* all of maintaining infrastructure or creating new water storage facilities in that bond measure. This suggests to me that the ultimate responsibility lies with the voters who only read the ballot deions and never read the entire actual bond measures.


Every single person who had any responsibility for inspecting and maintaining the dam spillways should lose their job, pension, benefits and serve time for theft from the public treasury., from the lowest maintenance grunt who was too lazy to walk to spillway to inspect it all the way up to the governor and legislators responsible for oversight at the time and since.

A few thousand gallons of epoxy concrete sealer applied during the drought years would have prevented the concrete failure and subsequent spillway failure. Now we tax payers are ob the hook for the temporary fix, cleanup and eventual permanent repair to the dam, which will certainly run into the 10's if not 100's of millions of dollars. The very least we should expect from that is a lifetime of hard labor by those who allowed it to occur.