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Infrastructure Decline

Feb 15, 2017

  • fg1elsegundo

Our generation of Californians has nothing on the earlier "majestic" generation that built great dams, moved mountains, channeled water, and turned the arid valleys into lush landscaping. But is it fair to say that the current crop of Californians "fiddles" while these monuments of yesteryear erode all around us? For example, in 2014 voters approved a measure to fund water conservation and flood control. What became of this plan?

  • pmglick

It is about time that Jerry stops spending money on a cho cho and use to save his father's water project.

  • Flyng Dutchman

I'm surprised, the LA Times printed this article. Income redistribution, seems to be the priority in California, while our infrastructure falls apart. We have the highest combined taxes, in the country and that doesn't include the Bonds that we consistently approve on a regular basis. where is the money going? Well, we spend over $23 Billion a year, on services and benefits for illegal immigrants, while thousands of homeless, including disabled vets, live on the streets. It's way past time, to stop pandering to the illegal immigrants and fix our infrastructure, care for our homeless and the elderly, many of whom live in poverty.

  • IHate TheLATimes

After decades of repeated water bonds, the state's premier dam has seemingly gone without basic required maintenance, with predictable results. But in the meantime, we have saved hundreds of millions of bait fish and provided cradle to the grave welfare for immigrants. Is there a clearer indictment of the inability of "Progressives" to govern than this monumental failure of policy. 

Sadly, even if this dam fails and causes untold misery, it will not be enough to dislodge the Left from power. There are now too many grifters with their hands in the State cookie jar to dislodge these sociopaths from power. True end stage decadence. 

The rot is that deep.