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Oroville Costs

Mar 14, 2017

Mike Segal 

When the government refuses to divulge, you can do a Freedom of Information Act request with both the Feds and State. If the State wants the Feds to pay for 75-95\% of costs, they should provide the FEMA an accounting. So FOIA FEMA for all the records the State has submitted so far. But also FOIA all the agencies involved. If they fail to give you the records within 20 days, you can sue them for the records. That should make them a little more transparent. Obviously they are hiding all the costs, including a team of engineering super stars.

Costs should include the emergency evacuation of 200,000 people with one hour's notice. The Cal Highway Patrol, Cal Fire, and private contractors sent a lot of helicopters to Oroville. See the article on page 78 for how many agencies and what kinds of aircraft.http://www.heliopsmag.com/L...

Each of the agencies can be asked how much they spent on that emergency related to Oroville in February. Helicopter crews and equipment do not come cheap. Is 2000 an hour close to what they cost?


Reed More 

In this environment, the CA taxpayer is going to get stuck with the bill. The Feds are contemplating massive budget cuts to anything not within the Pentagon. History in CA shows that the agriculture lobby is much to powerful to get stuck with the bills for water infrastructure.

As we have often seen, conservatives supposedly believe that you should be fiscally responsible for yourself but the billionaires and their lobbyist want the average taxpayer to pay the bills. The CA agriculture lobby will call this "taxpayer owned infrastructure" while they make billions selling their goods around the world with water projects subsidized by those horrible, liberal CA taxpayers.