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Trump & Ag

Mar 17, 2017

Wayne Western Jr.


New headlines of Trump cutting money to agriculture have the left sounding like they're putting on little party hats and waiting for droves of farmers to jump on the hate Trump bandwagon. This is my opinion and some may disagree, and that is fine with me. I voted for many reasons but one of the biggest besides upcoming Supreme Court nominations, was that I voted for smaller government, and that includes the USDA. Every department in the federal government was a blown-way-out-of-control bureaucracy under Obama. Cuts to water and wastewater loan programs may just give our SWRCB a little less power and money to pass around, and I am okay with that! Since the SWRCB took over the Drinking Water Division, their plans include sucking every , from everybody, they possibly can. I am sure Tom & Jerry are pretty good friends, maybe they can stop the bridges with no trains, and build another sewer plant. Next, cutting staff to statistical areas? I think I will not farm one less acre just because someone in an office is not counting that acre. Next, staffing at FSA? I have been to FSA. Good people doing good things. But I don't think we will find anyone inside an FSA office who will admit they have too many people. But if you have been there, you know they do. If there is an office filled with people where the majority have no chance for advancement, you have too many people and you probably have redundance happening everywhere. Okay, so what else you got?