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Prop 1

Mar 18, 2017

The $2.7 billion new-water-storage portion of the 2014 Water Bond has a new name. It is no longer being called the "Water Storage Investment Program". Now it is called, "Statewide Water System Operational Improvement and Drought Preparedness".  


Mark Borba TRANSLATION: No money for new storage. All eco/feel-good projects, and the State's taxpayers get the bill...with NO NEW WATER!


Wayne Western Jr. Not only will this money not build storage, but will grow the bureaucracy even more. When I read the different catagories, the only thing I see is bigger government. When you see the words "water quality," know this is another arbitrary means to an end that can and will change at the whim of the SWRCB to take more fresh water. This money will simply expand what's already in the works and I doubt very seriously if it will build a dam.


Anja Raudabaugh That's it 👏they made the name change to give themselves max flexibility to do what they want to with it. Storage is too confining for them when they need to steal what water we have


Kristi Diener I've read the bond measure many times. The words "dam" and "reservoir" are not mentioned a single time. Rather, it uses the phrase "water storage" which can mean anything from a flood plain with birds on it to a rain barrel.