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Oroville Repairs

Mar 18, 2017

  • milbuncy

Now you know what happens when Government runs things. 




  • hlyon1

This is a State Dam. State managed, State (supposed to be) maintained. 

No doubt California will try to bill the FED for this. 

If California wishes to provide free College to all, including Illegals and a plethora of social programs then that's California's business. 

Not living in California I will be quite adamant explaining my point of view to my representatives.

  • InkandQuill

Just call it a "high speed train" and there will be piles of money thrown at the gaping hole in the ground.

  • Chris Wernicke

“Unless we see some catastrophic loss of concrete [on the spillway]." 

We have seen that already? I guess not. 

It looks like the should have spent a few bucks during the drought to save big money now. What happened to all that drought surcharges we paid to keep the lawn green?

  • Bigmike911

Jerry Brown has told the President, that he must have the money, what ever it takes to fix this. Not one penny can be diverted from the High Speed Train to nowhere, not one. The President told JB tough.

  • McFriendly

here's an idea - let's raise taxes again to pay for this fix! It's always worked before. We're going to build lots of homeless housing and once every last homeless person is ensconced in a new housing unit watching Judge Judy, we'll fix all our other social ills and build that train to nowhere. Surely building scads of shiny new housing units won't encourage even MORE homeless to turn up... Cali is at 10\% sales tax in some areas, think the people will mind going to 11\%? (With 12\% a year or two down the road?) Nah, they like the sunshine, they'll ignore the insane cost of living here. Won't they?