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Why Work?

Mar 19, 2017

Rick Menezes Why work when welfare pays ya over $30,000......

Bruce McClanahan No welfare for able bodied when there are jobs to be had. Period.

Jerry Duarte It's time to cleanup the system. These ablebody people need to go to work. If a farmers need workers they should contact the welfare department and ask for help. If those people who are on welfare refuses the job their welfare should be stopped.

Erik Wilson I've been saying that for ever lol. How is it even possible to have a labor shortage and high unemployment in the same town? Think about that. We have to seriously look at why that is. To fix it though won't be pretty.

Deanna McBee The quitters should not be eligible for unemployment or any government assistance. Period! The no show maybe found other jobs so can't include them but I'd make sure the EDD had a list of who those people were. We sure need changes.

Kaci Allstot That is the truth. Why would these lazy people go to work when they can sit and home and draw and income, food, medicine, housing, cell phones and whatever else why the rest of us have to work to pay for it all. For disability they now have included bi polar even mild cases, drug addicts, alcoholics etc to be able to draw it. These people need to do something to earn their keep. I have had to work hard all of my life and it really gets under my skin.

Steve Limrite Wow! Sums up a lot of what is wrong with CA and much of the nation. ... Very sad.

Sara Jo Hostetler This always saddens me. No one wants to actually work? What happened to working hard and being satisfied by a job well done? My husband and I aren't typical millenials clearly and we ain't raising snowflakes either. Our kiddos work too! That's just farm life!