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Never Over

Apr 09, 2017

  • knumbknuts

And, in announcing the end of the drought, Gov. Brown announced a new surplus water tax. The tax will fund future rainfall so our children won't have to suffer thirst and has absolutely nothing to do with any pension funds.

  • fwestervelt31

But... we in the East read than most of the deluge has been directed into the Pacific, leading to continued depletion of subterranean reservoirs. True?

  • McBane

@Jimmonroeconsulting best to cry wolf all the time. That way when a real wolf appears people will respond immediately.

  • malibu92

Can we use money planned for the high speed rail to build more water storage instead?

  • valtekenterprises

So does this mean my water bill so going down? I highly doubt it. What happened to all of the extra money they suckered out of us?