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Climate Change

Apr 12, 2017



Last year the mainstream media cited scientists and liberal activists who predicted a long period of drought in California due to Global Warming. They were certain 2016-2017 would be a dry year because of La Niña. 


Now that they have been proven wrong, once again, they switch their rhetoric to proclaim that Global Warming will bring both drought and floods. The liberals have to proclaim extreme weather conditions, because otherwise they will have to confront the inconvenient truth that Global Warming doesn't really change anything. Weather and climate are difficult to predict, so the Global Warming alarmists should stop making alarmist predictions.



Recorded weather history in California is less than 200 years. The Earth has been around for billions of years. It is hubris to believe a bunch of recently intelligent primates with primitive computer algorithms can model the entire planet and pinpoint a cause and effect for seasonal weather.

The current global warming trend is real, but a bunch of programmers with no way to double blind test their theories do not have the authority to preach gospel.



This is a non-story. The weather cycle in California has been exactly like this in the past. The information you report is not true. 

I reviewed the weather patterns for Los Angeles county for the last almost 100 years and found no discernible 'apocalyptic' changes as you report. 

Think reporting facts gets you more mileage than the 'alleged' maybe's and could be's!

Sorry, L.A. Times!



Downtown LA was under water 10,000 years ago and Death Valley was a 300' deep lake. Weather has been dramatic for 1000s of years.

rtamtcActive commenter

4 hour(s) ago


We need to improve our state's water systems to handle the deluges so that the water can be stored instead of being released to make way for storms later in the season or snow melt. I don't see dams as a possibility in the near future, so perhaps we can store the water underground.

Also, we need to invest in water recycling to reduce the need for imported water from Northern California.

penguinistaActive commenter

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fWe need to improve our state's...more »

2 hour(s) ago



The federal government controls a surprisingly large amount of fresh water in California. In the past the feds would just release the water downstream to satisfy the environmentalists in the Democratic Party. During Trump's administration, however, I think he will put people's needs first.