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Apr 13, 2017

Phil McDonald 

CA North - All time record set yesterday.... going back to 1922. Drought restrictions will keep water rates high, a position politicians like, but has no basis in science. Evidence shows the drought ended a year ago.

J. Coley 

Awesome! This means the water companies will be lowering their water rates now.

mjh2901  J. Coley 

What are you thinking of course the rates will not go down, when we have a drought they raise the rates because they don't sell enough water, when we have to much water they raise the rates because people are using more water. It's a simple system everyone should understand by now.

TheZip  Kyle 

That is what the California Water Project about. It transports some of the wasted water dumped to the ocean south to the reservoirs in southern CA. That is when the stupid politicians aren't making up fish species that no one ever heard of, and likely don't exist, so they can steal water from ALL Californians.

MadBrother  Kyle 

We should change our southern border to the grapevine's summit and give everything south of that to Mexico. Let Donald build his stupid wall along the mountain crests. Mexico can deal with LA's water needs then.

Mike Smith  almundayy58 

You almost got it right; water utilities set their rates based on fixed costs, maintenance and labor/management salaries. The highest expense at a water utility is the power it costs to pump water. Anyway, when people conserve water, revenue goes down but all other costs tend to go up. So that's when the water company raises their rates. And yes, it does seem like a punitive and unfair consequence. Especially when the fat cat executives make $500,000 a year to figure out how to screw their customers.