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Oroville Repair

Apr 16, 2017

Ace Paul

Will this be paid with rainy day funds or even more taxes and fees? There will be thousands of trips by heavy trucks and equipment to and from the site through the town and local roads. Who or how are those roads going to be repaired from that damage? 


Norman Silver

This is no surprise to me. Taking apart a screwed up mess and then redoing the correct way is always very expensive. Trying to cover up the facts accomplishes nothing either. Eventually the truth will leak out. If any of this business is being handled by the state Procurement Unit add 15\% for their services also. Doing business with this state is a risky venture.


David Brucher

I would think the engineers/construction firm who made the faulty spillway would share in the liability. Instead, like,always, put the hand out,for Federal tax dollars to fix your screwup.


Niel Johnson

and here's a bit of advice that I thought everyone knew but apparently the DWR never heard:

 "proper upkeep is always cheaper than emergency repairs" 


Lyn Greenhill

The $275M is only 129\% of the original cost of the entire dam.


Chris Hickman

DWR has known for deCades about the deficiencies. 

That is the reason for the big cover-up now.


Niel Johnson

"The high bid was made by a company called Oroville Dam Constructors"

So, somebody formed a construction company just for this bid?