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Apr 18, 2017

Clint Walter · 

There's a lot of insight in this piece, but the amount of space wasted on "us versus them" rhetoric ruins an otherwise excellent opinion piece. You can be critical of a policy/agenda without making wild assumptions about your "opponents" motivations. I think both sides would prefer a sustainable solution, you just have different ideas about what that means and how to get there.


Paul Kryder

Sites Reservoir I can go for, as it would be in a lowland area and not destroy a canyon. Temperance Flat is okay, as Millerton dam was built in the wrong place in the first place; Millerton Reservoir is too shallow and as such does not hold enough water (it also has a VERY high surface area to volume ratio, making it extremely vulnerable to evaporation loss).

But I do NOT want to see any more of our magnificent Sierra canyons destroyed by in-canyon dams. Congressman Tom McClintock, who I think loves dams more than he loves his wife, still wants to build the Auburn Dam on the American River (on top of an Earthquake fault!!). This dam would virtually eliminate all whitewater sport on the North and Middle Forks of the American. These are two of the finest whitewater rivers in the West; it would be an absolute travesty to see them lost. A living canyon is a jewel of life and beauty; a stagnant reservoir that takes away a living canyon is a sickening testament to the arrogance and shortsightedness of man.

If we DO need more above-ground water storage beyond Sites and Temperance Flat, I would suggest that we build a couple more San Luis-type reservoirs in the coast ranges and leave what remains of our great Sierra canyons alone!!


John Bartlett · 

Paul Kryder Kind of piggish about the Whitewater Rafting aren't you? How many go rafting compared to the General Population, not many. Also many years ago a senator and a valley congressman combined to have a section of the Merced River outside Yosemite deemed "Wild and Scenic", this destroyed some beautiful dredging areas. It was all for the Rafters and no consideration was given to other uses.