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Apr 19, 2017

Chris Hickman

They knew about the deficiencies for decades yet chose to do nothing, endangering hundress of thousands of lives.


That is nothing less than criminal. 

Steve Clark

Keep up the good investigative work Ryan.  Shine a light into the facts that the DWR and the governor want to keep from the public.


This event could have caused 1,000's of deaths.  This event has caused hundreds of millions of $ for the required repairs, but could have caused many times that.  We were all fortunate that March was fairly dry.


The DWR has proven to be totally ineffective at safely operating and maintaining a critical piece of the state infrastructure.  Now they are trying to cover it up and divert blame.


Where is the public outrage?  Where is the groundswell of public opinion to force the politicians to hold DWR management responsible and reform the DWR?  Why are the Sac Bee editors silent on this critical issue?


Unfortunately, it's not just the DWR that needs a real reform and true accountability.  There's Cal Trans, the Board of Equalization, CalPers, state employee pension funding....


Unfortunately, California's single party controlled government isn't really interested.  They would rather tax and spend and over-regulate in ever increasing amounts, driving private business out of state.  They would rather build ego projects for the governor (Delta Tunnels and High Speed Train to nowhere).  They would rather focus on how California is more socially advanced than "backward" states.  That is, until the voting public has had enough.


Louis Silva

The Oroville Dam EAP (Emergency Action Plan) worked and downstream folks were evacuated in a timely manner.  


The USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5130 (available on the web) Figure 7 shows that a 1000 year event will reach a flow of 400,000 cfs. 


The USBR Report HYD 510 (also available on web) shows that the gated spillway can pass over 240,000 cfs.  Based on USGS Figure 7 this is approximately a 100 year event.


In the recent flooding the gated spillway passed flows up to 100,000 cfs a 10 year event.  Even with this flow there was flooding downstream of the dam.

The bottom line is we can mitigate nature and provide better constructed facilities, but the flows of this last winter (100,000 cfs) pale when compared to possible extreme events (maximum probable flow 800,000 cfs from USGS Report). 


Government cannot protect us from nature.


Lou Silva

Hydraulic Engineer


David Ross

Why are people at the capitol building and th resources building with pitchforks and clubs demanding the state release the info? The only security these clown are interested is their own job security.