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Spinning Oroville

May 15, 2017

Agreed.  They can spin this any way they want and who will really be the authority whether or not the dam was built to the specifications of the time?  Do you trust your government to tell you the truth?  I don’t!

Performance was above par until the current administration (and maybe prior administrations friendly to environmental concerns) failed to maintain the structures and the mechanics.  There are stories leaking out that say the DWR and the administration responsible for allocating the funds have ignored and completely disregarded recommended maintenance and procedures.  The truth may never be disclosed for 100+ years, but this whole Oroville debacle smells really bad. 

Let’s open all the gates wide open for a season and see how nature really intended for all this water to be used?  And I mean all the gates.  I suspect nobody is willing to let that happen because it will divulge the truth to the neo naturalists who have never really had to take a hard look at what they are really asking for when they say, “tear down the dams”.