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May 17, 2017

Gregg Franks

more doomsday forecasts from the folks that swear the earth is burning........don't worry, you will ALL be taxed to death long before the salmon go........and btw........they can't be "Extinct" just because they are not in a particular river anymore.......


Doug Regelin

40 years of liberal government couldn't have fixed this?  What else can't liberals fix?


Mark Williams

They croak if we have a low water year and they croak if we have a wet year. Face it, Nature has ed these things to go extinct.  Let's just eat them while we can, they are tasty.  I'm going fishing. 


Charles Adame

Nope.  Man has ed these things to go extinct by building dams.  The only river without a dam is the Smith River and it has very healthy populations of steelhead and salmon, so much so that you could keep wild steelhead (which is usually a no-no in Calif. due to federal protections). Nice try.


Mark Sanchez

Man has everything to do with the loss of the fish over the decades, but the main reason for the decline was the factory fish fleets which became enabled by the new fangled fish radar developed at the end of the 1960s. That device enabled fishing fleets to follow the salmon on their long journey around the Pacific Ocean basin for the first time in history. From there it was all downhill. I remember as I was an avid fisherman for many decades, and I am old enough to have witnessed the decline during the span of my life to date.

So this story is wrong on many counts, especially with the claimed climate change disruption. Any efforts by California to bring back the numbers are doomed to failure because these many experts have missed the real reason for the decline. All monies spent to this effort are almost entirely wasted as a result, but in this state with its mindless Democrat rulers it all fits.