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The Tunnels

Jun 01, 2017

Osha Meserve

RE: "I’ll make up my mind after the final environmental assessments are issued."
I am not sure what more you would need to understand that the proposed tunnels would be a disaster for the Sacramento River, the Sacramento area, the Delta, and the fish that depend on adequate freshwater flows.  It is not hypocrisy for Delta farmers to be against having their farms, communities and water quality sacrificed in order to export water to farms hundreds of miles away that have already destroyed their own local water resources.  Of course environmentalists drink water too; they still have a right to their opinions.


While the permits will likely be issued by the federal fish and wildlife agencies, their own review concluded that tunnel operations could kill as much as 7 percent of winter-run Chinook salmon, an endangered species, “a notable survival reduction for an endangered species."

(See http://www.sacbee.com/news/state/california/water-and-drought/delta/article149172504.html.)


Time for the Bee to take a stand against this terrible project, even if that means parting ways with the Governor.


Doug Regelin

Here's a thought.  What has man built in an active earthquake zone, that's ever survived an earthquake?  If a tunnel ruptures, it will make 'Deep Water Horizon' look like a tea party.  

Did you happen to see any of the pictures of the Oroville Dam raceway?  Think of that image underground.  The same folks who gave us an untested overflow at Oroville will be doing that work on the twin tunnels.  I feel safer already.


Name a single project that state government did right and on budget.  Just one.  We can't even build a single bridge above ground that isn't flawed.


Good luck!  


Christos Gilberti

re: "But Californians have been re-engineering the Delta for more than a century. In time, nature will reassert itself. An earthquake will strike and levees will slump, inundating the man-made island and disrupting the balance between fresh and salt water. As sea level rises longer term, salt water will flow further inland. Sooner or later, something will give."

How will two tunnels transferring water from the north of the state to the south help to shore up levees, handle sea level rise and maintain the Delta's balance?  You're really saying that the Delta is a goner so better make sure the southern portion of the state can get their water from the Sacramento and by-pass it... 

to use on increasingly salt-polluted farmlands much of which should be put out of production, and which are being used to grow an increasing volume of nut exports to China, for example, where consumers are being bombarded by one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever by the Almond Board, just to take one example of the damage that Big Ag profits are doing to the Calif. environment.  Of course the workers are among the poorest paid in the state as are those agricultural counties.


Chris Yeager

Selling Water and carbon (Air) credits has become quit lucrative in a earth quake ridden State willing to spend the funds designated for the infrastructure on Pipe dreams. Water is needed in both the North and the South. retention or reclaimed. .  .  

Pick one. New sources required.