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Climate Change

Jun 02, 2017

President Trump's speech on exiting the Paris Climate Agreement was not only by far the most pro-American speech in years, but underscores what we have been saying for two years. These agreements absolutely put America at a disadvantage and force a burden on every American taxpayer. That is in fact the reason they are written and does nothing for the "climate". They serve one purpose and that is to make the American taxpayer support every country on the globe who we have allowed the left and the media to brand as underpriviledged and disadvantaged. Not only are the reasons they possess these labels not discussed but a simultaneous guilt is placed on the people of America. We should not feel guilty about being free and by doing so, allow the world a taking of what we have earned. 

When we think about water in California, we see results that take away resources causing the decline in our economies just as the Paris Agreement takes American tax dollars. While the Paris Agreement redistributes our wealth, the "Sacramento Agreement" redistributes our water. This is an agreement between the majority party members and environmental groups that contains the purpose of a never-ending assault on the Central Valley. We are increasingly ruled and regulated by documents that are not decided by the people. Power and decision making is passed from the elected to the appointed in hopes of masking accountability. Agriculture is taken advantage of for several reasons. Our messsage is hard to distribute and our people hard to organize. Our enemies mislead with lack of conscience while we steadfastly believe the truth will prevail. Every one of our dollars is earned by hard work while every one of their dollars is received through the guilt they place on a free people. Our work feeds and clothes its people and by doing so, supports the nation. Their work continually takes from the producer to give to the taker, and by doing so, not only weakens the nation but supports the individual elitist. We feel our money goes to good causes which claim to preserve our industry while some inside our industry look to preserve themselves. Some of us will not boldly proclaim who it is that continues the attack. Some have fear while our attackers boldly proclaim without disguise, that our work is harmful to others. We are forced to explain the benefit we provide while they are free to take that benefit away with no explaination. 

We must unite and spread the word as much as possible. Ask others to join and support pages like this and CalAgAction.com. It is time to end the "Sacramento Agreement."