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Jun 13, 2017

Charles Kryski

Why doesn't Brown forget these tunnels and use the money to fix the roads and then he could get rid of his gas tax. Brown is just looking for votes for his cronies!! No tunnels!


Lyn Greenhill

I hope that the water districts on the hook for paying for this realize that the true cost, like the State Water Project, will be much higher than the estimates.  Isn't this just another attempt at a peripheral canal, which was soundly defeated the first time Gov. Moonbeam was in office?


Doug Regelin

If the state of CA had any record of administering major projects successfully, this would only be frightening.  But, because the State only has financial failures to show for wasted taxpayer dollars, this is a total disaster that will waste billions and won't be completed before it's finally cancelled.


Coner Estlic

One good thing, Jerry's elistist Hollywood friends will now be assured of filling their swimming pools with cheap Northern Californian water. That should keep them contributing to the left wing cause, the total destruction of this state.