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Flood Watch

Jun 20, 2017

Morning Folks, just a few things. If you are in a flood plain or close to any rivers that are being fed by water rolling over spillways, do not wait until warnings are issued to act. Do not count on anyone else to make sure you or yours are safe. Relying on the government for your safety is what is pounded into your head every day until you have handed responsibility to someone you don't even know. Do the research. Look up flows and capacities near you at the very least and/or ask questions. If warnings are issued, of course you should listen to them. Remember Oroville? Just under 200,000 people were given warning of possible failure, 24 hours in advance. Cutting it close, don't you think? 

If you think they are working hard to save this water, store this water, bank this water, or use this water for aquifer recharge, you can think again. Our state leadership has an agenda that will not advance with water running throughout the state. Their best hope is to run as much water as possible, as fast as they can, to the ocean. For them, this state must remain dry. This will be called Climate Change. If some flooding occurs along the way, this will also be called Climate Change. In fact, any damage to personal property or private or public infrastructure along the way will be called Climate Change. Once our leadership has achieved these goals they will have political leverage to argue the Trump Administration stance on Climate Change. See how it works? It is predictable and they will not change. The monsterous winter we have seen will be completely ignored. Instead, the headlines will read that we must not learn to rely on these types of winters. They will tell you not to rely on them because of Climate Change. What they will not tell you is that you cannot rely on them because the Democratic leadership in California has no intention of preparing the state in a manner that can supply everyone with the water they need.

Wayne Western Jr.