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All That Water

Jun 23, 2017


In other words all that water is being sent into the ocean. Nice.

  • Rawhide

The Global Warming narrative got wiped out this winter in only a few months. 

According to the liberal alarmists, snow in the Sierra Nevada would be a distant memory, and what little snow we might receive would melt sooner in the spring due to rising global temperatures and higher snow levels. 

Whoops, guess the Global Warming alarmists have to eat their humble pie.

  • Comfortably Numb

Better start building new reservoirs, won't do any good when we have all that snow last winter and climate change melts it and it just runs out to sea because there is no place to store it.

  • jb\_edgerly

Funny how every natural weather event is reported with the urgency of 'we're all gonna die'. It's like summer is unprecedented.

  • antiochjeff

All that fresh water that could be used for the next 5-10 years if there were enough reservoirs to hold it. Most of it will just end up eventually in the ocean. What a waste.