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Flood Blame

Jul 02, 2017

Re:  Did a mistake by the Army Corps of Engineers lead to the Kings River flooding?

Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/water-and-drought/article158969294.html#storylink=cpy

Josh Lee

Why is this article focused on the Army Corps instead of our state legislature along with current and past governors? This dam has needed to be increased in size for decades to keep up with the increasing population and the water use needed for agriculture. In my opinion, Haugen and the Army Corps did exactly what they needed to do with the best information they had. 

Let's put the blame where it's squarely due.


David Hurley · 

These water agencies are pretty much required to follow guildlines, guildlines based on the many years of previous run-off records. This year there was near record snow pack and a record heat wave that didn't follow the expected run-off patterns..the only upside will be that they can now predict higher inflows, thus their guildlines will now allow for higher releases in future years...


Jan Balcom · 

Good article, unnecessarily inflammatory caption.


Diana Diehl · 

After reading the article, "Local Water Expert Mendes Blames Flooding On Corps' Slow Response" seemed a little more accurate. While Mendes is entitled to his opinion, his position as county supervisor gives him a bully pulpit for his own financial interests as a farmer. I prefer to rely on the expert advice of government officials who do NOT have a personal agenda.


Steve Claassen · 

If riverside developments lobbied their elected officials as relentlessly as agribusiness does then flood control would still be the undisputed priority for Army Corps of Engineers' water management on the Kings.