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Jul 14, 2017


After a year of record shattering rainfall totals, this isn't sitting well with customers. How about a rate structure actually tied to supply and demand? Charge more in years of drought, less in years of high rainfall totals. Give discount rates or rebates to customers that practice conservation, and penalties to water hogs. A 20 percent increase based on nothing but a blatant money grab defies logic.

Happy Jack

This is what you get with one-party rule (a result of election regulations), namely, corruption and unaccountability, just like, er, Mexico, which has had one-party rule for decades.

The taxpayer has no one to go to, no one to oppose the status quo.

Berwick Traven

Squander public money, demand more, squander that, and raise rates that's more certain to happen than another rainy season.


Where is the extra revenue that was collected from the "surcharges" during the drought, and the additional revenue on top of the surcharges collected from customers who used too much water? I guarantee not ONE official will receive a pay cut or a reduction in bonus. This is a bunch of crap, and these are so-called Democrats doing this.


It's like the sunrise, when govt has a monopoly on a critical resource, the price always rises. Never goes down. Water is scarce because the state of CA thought so little of water retention it deferred needed maintenance on Orville damn for years. Catastrophe narrowly averted. State doesn't build dams anymore. State doesn't authorize desalinization plants. State law encourages NIMBY's gone wild. State encourages illegal immigration and higher demands on water.

Water scarcity is a feature not a bug to the Gov Brown's and his fanatics in state govt.