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Climate Bill

Jul 15, 2017

Someone close to Rep. Chad Mayes should let him know a few things. This will not go over well. And some of us will see to it that everyone knows he sold out, if that's what he chooses. I'll personally work hard to make sure people know. Andy Vidak, Devon Mathis, Devin Nunes, Melissa Melendez, Tom Berryhill, Tom Lackey, Brian Maienschein, Jim Patterson, David Valadao, Dante Acosta, Catharine Baker, Frank Bigelow, Rocky J Chavez, Phillip Chen, Steven Choi, Brian Dahle, Vince Fong, Matthew Harper, Jay Obernolte, Marc Steinorth, Marie Waldron,

New spending control could win Republican votes for climate bill

Wayne Western Jr.

WATER WORKSHOP 56: Whether to support an extension of Cap and Trade or not, is like choosing between a garbage burger or a crap sandwich. Wayne lays it out for us and weighs in below.


By Wayne Western Jr.

AB32 & SB32

Cap and Trade

We know the extension of Cap and Trade is likely coming up for a vote in California in the next few days. Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown used humor to mask his radical and unhinged emotions, and ideology, to convince people that a “no” vote on this extension would have us all dead by next week. Here are the problems:

First, California actually has residents that believe they will be dead within days of climate change legislation being voted down. Second, Cap and Trade (“CnT” for some businesses), may be the better alternative to what could happen if left to California EPA command-and-control regulation. This is a testament to just how far out-of-control we find ourselves.

Another problem: We are broke and Jerry Brown and the Democrats are looking for more money. Remember the Train?

In 2006, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democrat Legislators sold AB32 as a “huge milestone.” AB32 requires the State Air Board to approve a statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit equivalent to 1990 levels by 2020. We have talked before how the state of California became an experimental laboratory for the left while under the thumb of the Obama Administration, and how California was to set the correct course for the rest of the world.

We saw this practice and thought process on another front too. Water. We watched our water run carelessly to the ocean in the name of restoration.

In December of 2009, in Copenhagen, a summit meant to build a global CnT consensus, went nowhere. Outside of California, leaders around the world knew forcing higher energy costs on populations, while tens of millions of jobs were being lost during an economic downturn, was political suicide. On the federal level in America, in January of 2010, seven Democrat Senators realized CnT should be put aside. One of those Senators was Diane Feinstein!

Meanwhile in California, the idea to suspend AB32 was met with doom and gloom prophecy by Schwarzenegger and then Attorney General Jerry Brown. For Arnold, it was about his legacy as being a “Green Giant.” For Brown, it was about bringing in the “green” from L.A. and the Bay area for votes to run as Governor. All in the name of “climate,” as long as they both got what they wanted. They promoted themselves while completely punishing the very people Democrats typically claim they protect.

In 2015, the National Bureau of Economic Research study said CnT programs implemented by the EPA in the 2000’s cost the loss of 110,000 jobs. To Jerry Brown and the Democrats in California, information like this meant is was a must-have in our state.

Unlike foreign leaders in Copenhagen realizing it would be a bad decision in hard times, our state leaders forged forward. We have read that at least 9,000 companies left California from 2008-2015. We already have the highest tax rate in the nation, and come in close to last in purchasing power. The policy of the left is causing the exodus, and small businesses make up the majority of those leaving.

We have mentioned it before. It is called “consolidation”. Remember the on-line sales tax signed into law by Brown in 2011? Amazon ped about 10,000 California-based associate sales partners so it would not be forced to collect state sales tax on purchases made through them. Many were small businesses like book stores that relied heavily on on-line sales. Those small businesses suffered. Many are out of business or have moved out of state. Fast-forward to 2017. Amazon has announced they are building in California.

In November of 2016, CNN Money reported that for every home buyer coming to California, three were selling and moving. Housing prices are becoming un-affordable for the middle and lower-middle class. In January of 2017, the Orange County Register printed a story that said the exodus from California was a myth.

It doesn’t take long to realize the entire story was based on population. The assumption that California is not experiencing an exodus because we have the largest population is ludicrous. As is the assumption that the few who are coming to California are from other states rather than other countries.

This story completely missed the point economically too. More people in, and more jobs out, means one thing: More welfare and less taxpayers. We have seen water become a commodity through the mismanagement by our government. Consolidation is both intentional and unavoidable under policies of the left, and we are watching it happen in California.

SB32 is a piggy-back law to AB32. SB32 requires the State Air Board to approve statewide greenhouse gas emissions limit of 40\% below 1990 levels by 2030. Private urging by Brown and Obama to gain legislative support, SB32 was signed by Brown in 2016. “California is doing something no other state has done,” said Brown. SB32 basically makes the standards of AB32 more stringent, and AB32 was already a disaster in itself. Changing standards is a common theme in this administration, and Brown is right! No other state would ever think about doing anything this stupid.

When deciding whether to favor or oppose CnT, there are a few things to remember: Federally, the EPA is not what it was in the early 2000’s. With the election of Trump, the EPA is changing. On the state level, the EPA and un-elected boards are nothing more than a continuation of pre-election policy. We have a Governor’s race in 2018, and a population who are increasingly becoming tired of being taxed to death.

I would tell Governor Brown, NO. Further, I would move to repeal AB32 and SB32. Sooner or later, we should all get tired of playing defense. Make it known that another tax will be political suicide and that un-elected boards had better be put in check. This will come up for a vote very soon. Tell your Rep’s today that you have no more money to give. Tell Brown No