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Reason to Cheer

Jul 27, 2017

A good reason to cheer! Almond production, right here in our California, is a huge boost to our economy, food supply, and has added thousands of jobs in businesses like nurseries, fertilizer companies, drip irrigation sellers, pruners, bee keepers, harvesters, tractor makers, fuel companies, tire companies, pesticide makers, crop production advisers, mechanics, on-farm laborers, administrators, transporters, processors, packers, bankers, accountants, grocery stores, restaurants, and so many more. Did you know almond consumption and use goes well beyond eating them one-by-one as a snack? They are in cereals, granola bars, breakfast bars, milk, flour, oil, butter, ice cream, candies, snacks, bread, biscuits, Chinese food, chocolate, cheese spread, flavored coffee, crackers, pie crusts, salads, trail mix, veggie burgers, barbecue sauce, energy bars, cakes, almond extract, and even chewing gum. The hulls are used for animal food and as landscape bedding. Water use for almonds is also in-line with many other crops, despite sensational headlines. And when someone says we are exporting our water in almonds, remind them California imports twice as much water in the products coming here than it does in the ones we export. The more California grown almonds, the better!

Kristi Diener