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Higher Wages

Jul 31, 2017


The reason farmer and ranchers are experiencing a labor shortage has nothing to do with wages. California minimum wage if $10.50 and going to $11.50 next year to 2020 when it will top $15 an hour, the problem is most minimum wage earners do not want to work for their wage, and working on a farm or ranch requires manual labor and that is too much for a majority of minimum wage workers. go to your local fast food restaurant, department store or even city park, you'll see most minimum wage employees, standing around, doing as little as possible, and abusing their break and lunch break, cannot do that on a farm or ranch. I don't know why the US does not allow these farm and ranches to recruit in Mexico, and give them permission to come across the border to do work and leave once completed on a regular bases.


A reailistic, comprehensive overhaul allowing seasonal workers to enter the country under a thorough, well thought out program would solve the harvest issues, and allow agribusiness to deal with the needs of permanent core workers.

But that makes too much sense.

Reed More 

The owners of Christopher Ranch appear to be educated, smart business people who used business acumen to create demand for their brand and product and good financial planning to create incentives for their workforce. Hoping more agricultural businesses in the area are able to learn from their success. I always try to buy locally grown whenever possible and will support their business.

Unlike many of the comments below, these owners are focused on implementing solutions and making our community better instead of blaming others. How very refreshing.

Pam Dunn 

Just CUT OFF all the welfare freebies to the lazy scum and tell them "WORK OR STARVE" , the Pilgrims learned that lesson LONG LONG ago; Socialism and communism DOES NOT WORK.