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Public Responses


Brockovich Ruling

Aug 02, 2017

Gregory Jones

I am happy that economic feasibility is included as a responsibility component for bureaucratic regulators.

In this case, it is like "Go ahead and die of thirst because you don't have the money to pay for the water that is good enough"


Stephen Stapleton

Frankly, I think the limit should be zero. This an entirely man-made contaminant and, if it cannot be used without polluting water sources, it shouldn't be used. 


Alfred Franklin

Regulations and ordinances can be and can sometimes become overburdening and needlessly complex, but never think for one moment a heavy industry giant has anyone's interest in mind besides their own bottom line.


Their loyalty is to their shareholders and no one else. If people get poisoned or develop cancer because of their pollutants, it only matters when it comes time for them to pay legal costs, if they ever do. This can go for both governmental agencies and private industries. There's a more than just chrome 6 in drinking water supplies, and there is nothing wrong with demanding accountability from those who pollute and those who are in charge of ensuring a safe environment for human beings.