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Oroville Lawsuit

Aug 14, 2017

Frank Casanova

This no more than a Money Grab by a few lawyers.


Nancie Carter

So, if the dam wasn't there would they have been flooded out years ago?  And several times since?  How much would that have cost in increased insurance payments, rebuilding, etc?  

Just a curiosity question.


Chris Hickman


But the dam IS there.

DWR failed to maintain it.


Chris Choice

I wonder how much property value has ped as a result of this fiasco.


Niel Johnson

Given that surveys show that something like 30-40\% of the people didn't evacuate would they require some proof?


Ed Ramos

No! The DWR and that Dam have saved them from floods many times already. They were fortunate they still contained mother nature 2016/2017 version. Lawsuits are the death of our society and drive up costs for just about everything ..... see auto./ medical and home insurance....see workplace rules and policies. IMO its just some greedy people playing the victim in order to freeload some cash from the State of California

Chris Hickman


DWR knew about the spillway for decades and covered it up.

Every employee of DWR should be in prison for attempted murder.