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Stuff Happens

Aug 15, 2017

Gary Smith I agree that we should get to the bottom of this at all costs. What bothers me even more is the governor's attitude. It strikes me that he is basically saying, "Let them eat cake." To equate the displacement of 188,000 people to "stuff happens" is about as callous as if it were uttered by a sociopath.

Michael King Oh for crying out loud, stuff happens. Get over it. You all are so fortunate to be able to go back to your lives and possessions unscathed.

Paula Glick YES, we should all be sueing our state government for theft and fraud, someone has to demand accountability from these criminals. Nothing will change unless they are challenged and defeated. If the Orville victims which their property values are ruined have the guts to go after the state, more power to them. What they win will be nothing compared to what the state steals from us and pays themselves and their corporate friends.

Bonnie Jones Carpio So instead of putting that money towards fixing it, people want it for compensation? Not like your state has a bunch of extra money to throw around.

Karen Jackson "Ambulance chasing lawyers saw a way to line their pockets.

Russell Wilhite No! Quit whining. You live below a dam, you know the risks.

Jared Coppola I don't know that they are entitled to compensation. But Brown should be held liable for his cost saving measures on the dam. Every person who neglected to do the nessecary repairs should be held liable. They should lose their job, pension benefits and have their lives ruined. That's the way we treat private businesses and individuals. Government employees should be held to the same standard.

Larry Chalupnik So sue the state and take more money and still expect things fixed with even less money?????

Donald Lambert Class action is short hand for shyster lawyer grab. They get 50\% and you get nothing.