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New Dams

Aug 16, 2017


"During the drought, Californians often asked why the state wasn’t building more reservoirs."

No they weren't. That was you. What good is a reservoir without any rain?

SouthernPovertyLawSinner  Dave 

You ever built ANYTHING in the rain?

Jo  Dave 

seriously? is it easier to construct a reservoir when its dry as a bone or when you have mudslides tearing away hillsides?

Captain America 

Dams capture water and create clean free electricity. Who could oppose this?


It ain't going to happen. This is California where the survival of a little fish can stop a project dead in its tracks.

Javahead  George286 

And Jerry Brown, and the state's Democrat-dominated legislature, have been opposing any meaningful water infrastructure expansion for years, in favor of the Bullet Train and social spending.


50 years late, but who's counting.


It's about dam time.