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Breaking Point

Aug 16, 2017


Our air quality is 50th out of 50. We have 6 of the top 10 most polluted cities in USA.

Our K-12 education is 40th out of 50.

Our road quality is 45th out of 50.

We have the HIGHEST, cost-adjusted poverty rate in the Nation. We have 1/10th of the USA population, but 1/3rd of welfare cases.

You tout that we have the 6th biggest economy in the world, but our GDP per capita JUST in the USA is 8th. This means the wealth/GDP creation is concentrated into a small \% of our population. We are importing/retaining too much poverty relative to these hyper GDP generators in silicon valley/metropolitan areas.

Overall, for quality of life, CA is ranked 23rd out of 50. https://www.usnews.com/news...

Let's keep it real, chums.

rw93003 CoastalElite

You left out 43rd in financial condition. Up 1 from 44 last year not because we're doing better but because another state is doing even worse (all liberal, high tax states in that bottom tier-Illinois is 50th)

rw93003 TD

But the real wealth is in those areas you call poor. CA number 1 in agriculture because of the central valley not because of wine country. The biggest oil fields are in Taft (and because of it the highest funded schools) not San Francisco. The dilapidated infrastructure is concentrated in the coastal cities and the debt is due to the cost of the bloated state government imposed by voters (mostly from back east) residing in major coastal cities.