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Endangered Frog

Aug 17, 2017

I'm familiar with this topic and this endangered species of frog and the cause of its demise.

In my past involvement with these type issues I worked with others who researched and became informed of the facts behind the demise of several species like this in California.

I remember the yellow toed frog in particular.

Guess what is the NUMBER ONE PREDATOR OF THE YELLOW TOED FROG? The infamous Bull Frog that California Fish and Game transplanted into California because it was bigger and had larger legs that were in demand as a sport game meat source. And remember the famous California jumping frog contest? Just like the Stripped bass and rainbow trout that California fish and game imported and transplanted into California streams and lakes that eat California native species then use the demise of these species to conveniently control farmers and people activities.

Another example is the demise of the California Kitt Fox. Guess what is the number one predator of the Kitt Fox? The Red Fox and who imported it and transplanted it into California? Again California Fish and Game because the Red pelts were more valuable. The Red Fox kills Kitt foxes and takes over their dens and territory.

The socialist use Predators to control people and bankrupt capitalism.