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Tunnel Lawsuits

Aug 23, 2017

John McConnell

The Delta tunnels have several appeals to the current governor, that won't necessarily motivate the next governor to the same extent.  If the CEQA suits cause a significant enough pause in the boondoggle that the tunnels represent to get past the end of the current governor's term, the prospects of stopping the tunnels improves.


Brown sees  big government and especially big government project (whether or not needed or useful) as a good thing.


He sees urban centers as the only valuable part of society, and the surrounding rural areas merely as something to be exploited to service the urban centers.


He seems to feel the need to complete his fathers scheme to transport Northern water to the large tracts of parched dry grazing land owned by his fathers and now his rich and powerful "friends" in Los Angeles. 


The next governor no matter who it is, is not likely to back this boondoggle with the same intensity.


Chris Yeager

Will it matter? No. The Government has picked the plan and courtroom theaters to ignore. Common sense has kept it stopped for years. North California lost their water... It was sold for profit and now we must pay for our water plus the tunnel building costs... The retention amount remains the same for the next drought..... Brilliant.