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Oroville Accountability

Sep 06, 2017

  • Bigtimber

So whoever is tasked with maintaining the Oroville Dam spillway should be fired....right??

  • laveracourt


I certainly think so. Obviously have not done their job for 50 years.

  • reagansbook

No individuals will EVER be held accountable, will never be fired and will never lose their pension. 

Dam experts say $200K of grouting preventative maintenance would have prevented $200 MILLION in damage. 

  • seamasnfionn

I guess this is interesting, but why didn't these experts sound the alarm about this dam years ago?

  • laveracourt

Criminally sloppy management. Why are he dam and spillways not thoroughly inspected annually? Why is the emergency spillway nothing but bare dirt? It's worthless and the slackers in charge of operating the facility needo be replaced with people who can do their job.