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Down the Drain

Sep 06, 2017

88.5\% of the fresh water that fell from the sky, and flowed into the Delta since October 1, 2016, continued on to the salty ocean. That's fifteen trillion, four hundred five billion, four hundred twenty million, six hundred fifty-two thousand, five hundred gallons of fresh water added to "the rising sea level".

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This info comes from a Great Water Warrior Gal, Krisiti Diener, who’s part of a Long Term Family Farm operation here in the Central Valley.

Kristi deserves many accolades for her tireless efforts to get the word out regarding the injustice of the current enforcement of water policies withholding delivery of precious flood water sources to replenish & SAVE our Central Valley underground water for dry years that are sure to return.

You can show your appreciation for her efforts by sending this info ration to every friend, business associate, contacts and news outlets requesting they spread the wordyou have asking them to do the same .

Russ Waymire