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Sep 07, 2017

Kristi Diener Arrogant humans with PhD's playing God; believing they know better than Mother Nature: One only needs to look to the annihilated Sierra to see the unintended consequences of their pomposity.

Erik Wilson I can't help but see a glaring example of hypocrisy here. On one hand Fish and Wildlife have begun removing rainbow trout from creeks, streams, and lakes that did not have a native self sustaining population of rainbow trout. Those rainbow trout feed and prey upon these frogs. So the removal of the eater upon the eatee makes sense. I as rational person can see the Fish and Game make that same conclusion. I'm also sure that when we planted rainbow trout in these creeks, streams and lakes, we did not understand the implications of that for many years. It may have appeared for a long period of time that rainbow trout and frogs appeared to coexist. I often have wondered how the Fish and Wildlife can come to that conclusion so quickly to remove rainbow trout but are paralyzed to do anything about the predators that eat both the endangered delta smelt and endangered salmon. Some say that Salmon and Striped bass coexisted before. I'm thinking if Salmon could talk they would have a different opinion lol. Striped bass are now being seen in the upper most reaches of the Sacramento river. These areas is where the endangered Salmon spawn. So for hundreds and hundreds of miles Salmon will face predation the whole way to the ocean that they did not naturally face before the Fish and Wildlife introduced all the predator fish in delta and the rivers that feed it. The only people who have suffered from this is salmon fisherman and farmers. Farmers suffer because it is easier to take water from them as a fix on Salmon numbers than to address the eater vs eatee conclusion they came to with the rainbow trout. Why the difference? Money!!! Lots and Lots of MONEY!! Having a solution to help endangered Salmon and smelt and doing nothing about it is done for the explicit reason to keep blame on Farmers to take their water and sell it to the highest bidder. Plain and simple.

Kristi Diener There's more hypocrisy too: The trout are being poisoned in pristine wilderness waters, with pesticides containing rotenonea non-ive agent that is toxic to any gill-breathing organism including amphibians! To "restore" frogs, they will first be destroyed. Miles of streams being poisoned also connect to lakes and ponds. Poisoned water is undrinkable for weeks to months. The real frog killer is not even predator fish. It is the Chytrid fungus.

David Zwart So CA spent 175k on 385 frogs?!$$$$


Bill Mueller It's a damned good thing these do-gooder scientists were not around a few millennial ago or we might be competing with the Tyrannosaurus Rex for dinner on a daily basis. Sometimes change and extinction is a good thing.