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Mr. President

Oct 26, 2017

MR. PRESIDENT: With the stroke of a pen…and not one dollar spent…YOU CAN FIX IT.

If the Federal Govt. would merely modify the existing insane and indefensible environmental limitations on the movement of water from North to South and thru the Delta…as the project was envisioned and operated until the CVPIA in 1990…there is plenty of water in the system to meet all the competing & NECESSARY needs.

The dams and reservoirs are in place; the canals and pumping stations are operable and built; the system is nearly paid for. All that is lacking is the political courage to look the screaming Greenies in the eye and say, “ENOUGH! WE ARE GOING TO OPERATE BASED ON SCIENCE! WE ARE NOT GOING TO LIMIT WATER DELIVERIES TO 38 MILLION CALIFORNIANS SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ALL “THINK” BY DRAINING MORE FRESH WATER TO THE SEA THAT SOMEHOW THE FISH WILL BE RESTORED!”

We’ve done that for 27 years (since CVPIA took the 1st 800,000 acre feet of water from agriculture)…and the species have continued to decline. All the while the non-native striped bass eat 90\%+ of the salmon as they migrate from the rivers to the ocean each year, and the cities and industrial folks in San Francisco/Delta…dump their untreated sewage into the rivers!

So, Mr. President…with the stroke of a pen…and not one more dollar spent…YOU CAN FIX IT!

Let’s hope that’s the path we’re on.

Mark Borba