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Oct 31, 2017


If the choice is between the extremist Kevin Leon and Feinstein, I'll choose the old lady in a second.


California and the USA do not need a 90 year old Feinstein in the Senate. In addition to term limits we need a cap of 78 years old to run for Senate, Congress or President, as well as serve on the Supreme Court. My father in law just turned 80. He is a paragon of health and widely described as "very sharp." But he recently retired as Choir Director of his Church. Because he knows damn well he does not have the energy or command of his thoughts he once enjoyed. And because he is not a narcissistic power crazed old fool. The very fact that Feinstein wants to run again is proof that she is not competent to serve. With age comes wisdom - and a wise woman would know it is time to step aside.


While on his deathbed, almost two decades ago, I made a promise to my Dad that I have never and would never vote for Dianne Feinstein.

Big Jim Slade


\Your dad might make an exception on this one.