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Klamath Dams

Nov 02, 2017


Amazing how a bunch of people who could not point out the Klamath River on a map think all the dams should come down. This has nothing to do with salmon and everything to do with Pacific Corp not wanting to spend the money to renovate the aging dams. The salmon after traveling 200 miles to reach the first dam, which also has a fish ladder, are practically dead. The migratory salmon that went beyond the dams have been dead for decades. 

Pacific Corp manipulatived the liberals and tribes through the media to do their bidding. Amazing how the ignorant are so easily swayed.







It seems a bit one sided to lay the blame at the feet of the Republican Party. In 2015, there was a Democratic President (Barack Obama) and a Democratic majority in the Senate (53D-45R) with a Republican majority House (201D-234R). So only 17 Republicans needed to be convinced to support this to pass it in early 2015. In addition, the Democrats have controlled both houses of Congress 58 out of the last 100 years. If they really cared about this problem, they could have addressed it during one of those 58 year.

My point is not to defend the Republicans and blame the Democrats. My point is that no political party seems interested in solving real problems and Op-Ed pieces that fan the flames of national division along party lines are unlikely to change the current "blame the other side" dynamic. You are just laying the ground work for people who care more about unemployment than fish to decide that "there is no point in attempting to work with 'environmentalists', because even when you do the right thing, you get a slap across the face."









The LAT seems to never consider for a moment the wisdom of its hyper-partisan, all-anti-Republican-and-all-anti-Trump-all-the-time, Democrats-all-good-Republicans-all-bad, and how-can-we-spin-this-to-make-conservatives-look-evil approach to every single story, every single day. The LAT seems to be completely unapologetic and unreflective in its tactic of, as you expressed it, fanning the flames of national division along party lines. And yes, Fox News and MSNBC behave similarly, although I cut them some slack because they don't pretend not to have political agendas, and there are various TV news channels to chose from.