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Los Vaqueros

Nov 07, 2017

There are just three major surface water projects than can be funded with Prop. 1 money: Sites, Temperance Flat, and Los Vaqueros dam expansion. Los Vaqueros is the largest reservoir in the Bay Area and is filled with water from the Delta. It was built in 1998. Fast-tracked construction took just four years. Five years ago they completed a $110 million expansion raising the dam 34 feet. It took a mere 18 months. 12 Bay Area water agencies will now vie for bond money to raise the dam an additional 55 feet. It supplies water from Silicon Valley to San Francisco. Ironically, the author and proponent of this story is George Miller. He is also the author of the 1992 CVPIA, and a fierce dam opponent, but lives in the region in which Los Vaqueros would benefit.

Kristi Diener