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Ag Misinformation

Nov 08, 2017

The misinformation about agriculture and water is getting old. It is actually insulting to those who know the facts. What is happening is the same phenomenon we saw during the Presidential election in my opinion. The media told us President Trump was unhinged and losing in the polls. Then, he won. The falsehoods in the media, newspaper headlines and stories, and statements from leaders of organizations can partially be explained by them simply not having an “ear to the ground.” But it is more than that. Facts are left out, general and damaging statements are made, and lies are spoken and printed continuously. The truth is what needs to be heard and spread.

We are being bombarded with stories about things like Delta water quality, groundwater basins, storm water capture, desalination, water reuse, and drinking water quality in certain areas. We are increasingly hearing about nitrates in drinking water and how agriculture is at fault. Our Governor, our majority Democrat Legislature, and SWRCB are working on what amounts to be fundraising efforts and theft. A continuous effort is taking place to take more water that ends up in the ocean. But while it passes us by, we will pay more and receive less, get fined more, and lose more property and privacy rights. What water is left is being shifted into mass consolidation and directed away from food, fiber, and dairy. We have allowed the media and environmental groups to bash almonds while praising marijuana. We have leaders in our own industry who not only cower to the left nor stand for what is right, but actively lay blame on California Ag and fraudulently accept it for the rest of the industry. We are held hostage in a neverending position of lesser of two evils, because we accept that practice. We see increasing stories about legal marijuana in parts of the state that will soon be using resources and soil that previously produced food. Food which grows nowhere else in the United States. But yet, our water “experts” continue to talk about a multi-billion dollar pipedream from a governor who is further left than any other governor in the country. A “Fix” that fixes nothing for millions of acres that produce food, fiber, and dairy. While millions of acre-feet of water continue to flow to the ocean, we blame well-pumping for low aquifers and bad water quality. While the state of California contains different areas, with different conditions, different soil, different weather, and different groundwater conditions and levels, we enter problem solving with zero critical thinking or specific consideration.

We will continue to be held hostage if we retain the same majority in Sacramento, including the Governor’s seat. It will continue as long as policy is influenced and made on the basis of agenda driven politics rather than factual science. It will continue if stories continue with misleading or absent information, with no rebuttal or questions. And it will continue as long as agriculture-industry representatives who we not only pay, but expect to represent us all, continue to play along with the elitist left in California.

Why are aquifers low? Why is water quality suffering? Why are thousands of acres fallowed? Why are many crops disappearing? Why are cities across California charging more for water? Why is the environment suffering? Why are fish disappearing? Why are salts building up in soils? Why do people believe “Climate Change” is changing our precipitation patterns? Why does Jerry Brown think the world should be “Brainwashed?” Why do environmental groups tell us we will never have enough water?

I will tell you why. The answer is very simple and here is an example:

From October 1, 2016 – August 8, 2017

52,102,700 Acre-feet of Water flowed into the Delta. This is the water that is available to the environment, households, businesses, and agriculture. That is 16,977,716,897,700 Gallons.

Of that:

2,247,400 acre-feet was used by the CVP, which is 4.3\% of the total. That is 732,317,537,400 Gallons.

2,931,100 acre-feet was used by the SWP, which is 5.6\% of the total. That is 955,101,866,100 Gallons.

Guess what? Why are these things happening I mentioned above?

46,742,500 acre-feet of that total, flowed to the Ocean. That’s right. That is 89.7\% went to the ocean. That is 15,231,090,367,500 Gallons.

Almost 90\% of the water that entered the Delta, went to the ocean. And we ask, Why?